And so it was that the inaugural Wednesday Night Supper Club came to pass. Minor details such as the day was actually a Sunday and not even at my house were overlooked. My backyard is currently undergoing renovations for future Supper Club events and a friend very kindly offered her pool deck.

Nothing says “Summer” and “Relax” like a cheese platter with your girlfriends on a deck. So much so, that we made 3 of the suckers 🙂 – we had hard cheese, soft cheese, goat cheese, blue cheese and to ramp up the hipster factor, truffle flavoured cheese. Wow we really like cheese!! It wasn’t ALL cheese as we added crackers and crudités for a bit of crunch.

It was a lovely warm day, sun was glistening on the water and a chilled Savvy B in the glass. The four of us had met via a Facebook group doing the Make It Look Easy course and formed a close bond. Three of us had met in person but the fourth lady had flown over from Melbourne especially to meet us all IRL.

Talk turned to how did each of us know we were kindred spirits and how did we pick that up being on the line. There was mention of Facebook stalking (guilty of that one – although generally reserved for the ex-husband), peeking at photos, watching conversations going on in the group and checking what other groups people belonged to.

I asked the question “Why was it OK to meet random people you’ve talked to on social media but you wouldn’t let your kid do it?” The general consensus was that because we’d been round the block a couple of times, we felt that we had a healthy cynicism to FB profiles and could get a vibe when something was off. We’ve all had messages lob into the “other” mailbox from randoms which you would never reply to and friend requests from creepy people.

Our little group of 4 talked the afternoon away and tears did flow on occasion as we talked about topics ranging from death of parents and adoption, to the light such as was that shade of green called moss, sage or pine? Only boring logistics like plane flights and morning school runs concluded the afternoon otherwise we would still be there now. Such a great day and hopefully we can recreate it sometime in the near future.

Have you ever met up with Facebook friends that you’d not met in person before? This was my second time (but that’s another story complete with four legged furry friends) and both times have been awesome experiences. Was your meeting a positive experience or have you got a nightmare story to share? Please feel free to comment.




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