We all know that kids/young adults will not touch large tubs of yoghurt. Because they cannot be arsed to get a bowl and spoon out, put some yoghurt in the bowl, eat and then place used dishes in the dishwasher. Too many steps involved when the world has created single serve tubs where you rip off the lid, splattering yoghurt on your T shirt as you do so, and dive right in. Yoghurt producers now¬†sell screw top pouches where you just unscrew the top off and suck the creamy goodness right down like baby food. However, I like to use the big tubs because they serve a secret purpose…well maybe not so secret anymore!

My yoghurt tub serves as a front to hide the good stuff that I want to save all to myself. Yes it’s always all about me ūüôā There is nothing worse than buying treats only to find that they have been snaffled up just when you have been salivating all day about that special something. ¬†I’ll be doing semi regular posts about what I hide to gobble up and on the other hand, what I put front and centre in the hope that¬†someone will eat it and I can rest easily that it’s¬†not¬†food wastage.

Today I’m going to show you one of my faves which is not to everyone’s taste. Each to their own I say. Today I say: SMOKED SALMON. I love the texture of it, the softness, the oiliness, the colour (pink is one of my loved colours) but most of all the taste and the smoothness on my tongue. I don’t like a lot done to the salmon, just serve it simply. My preference¬†is to serve with red onion, capers and a dressing made of horseradish cream, mayo and tilted with a bit of hot water. If you find that the onion is a little too harsh a flavour for you, soak in a little iced water which I have done.

I remember as a kid Mum’s hiding spot for the chocolates – as much as she thought I didn’t know where it was it was more that it was too high and I couldn’t reach it!

What food do you “reserve” for yourself that no-one else is allowed to touch? Let me know some of your hiding spots and what you hide there.

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