Renovations to the backyard are still continuing. We’d decided to do them before our daughter begged to have her 21st birthday party in the backyard. She wanted a Britney themed party and said that if people were going to a hotel in the city they would not dress up so it was on. It was a really hot day and the slushy machine struggled to freeze until just at the last minute. We had to do a booze run at 10 pm as we had run out of drinks! It was worth all the dramas of organising to see the look on her face when her friends performed a song and dance routine especially for her.

It got me to thinking and researching why 21? What’s the relevance of the specific age to be considered an adult? Apparently according to Mr Google, 21 was the age in the Middle Ages that young men were capable of carrying a full suit of armour and they became a knight. Remember the giant keys we used to get? The key was to symbolise that the door to maturity was open, you were now old enough to afford a house and be a senior in the household

Me at 21? I was married to a young man the same age as myself, a marriage that lasted for a whole 9 months due to both of us being immature and not wanting to fight too hard to be together. I saw marriage as a way to escape the country town I was living in and move to the exciting city. I felt the expectation to get married and have children as that is what my sisters had done before me. It all seemed so glamorous at the time, the dress, the reception, the attention. Warning bells should have rung that little bit louder when the night before the wedding, the groom wanted to spend the night at the pub with his mates and couldn’t say goodbye to me as I left after dinner.

One of my goals when I had daughters was that they experienced life first and didn’t fall into the trap that I had done. I’m very proud that Ms JEB has completed her Uni degree, she’s travelled a bit, been to music festivals and danced in mud, has written a score for a Fringe show as well as acting in it – all by the age where I was in debt, trying to be part of a married couple, gaining weight rapidly and generally miserable. However, everything that happened in my past has led me to here which is a pretty good place to hang out in.

What were you doing at 21? Would you consider yourself an adult looking back now? And please bear in mind that the photo of me at 21 was taken at my 70’s themed birthday party, I didn’t really dress that badly I hope!




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