Procrastination : the action of delaying or postponing something.

This backyard reno feels like it is taking FOREVER!! I just want it finished and like now. Although having 2 small holidays in the middle of it probably wasn’t a great idea but it was fun. Now my husband is not the greatest finisher (now, now there will be none of that bedroom talk if that’s the route your mind is going down :P). A few examples of his work include my spice rack which doesn’t have a door or is stained the correct colour and then there is the ceiling fan which has sat in it’s box for 3 YEARS. Yes you read that right – 3 years! Also the plum tree which was 1/3 covered with a net because he didn’t get around to getting the bigger net. The fish scale which he bought to weigh something which wasn’t fish since he doesn’t go fishing but I’ve forgotten what it was bought for and he forgot to return it.

I’ve got my areas which I procrastinate about also: the magazine pages of recipes that I’m yet to make and the basket of crap that needs to be gone through *sigh*. However the biggest procrastination I ever did took years of delaying. I had a middle management job, which I would never recommend to anyone, for 9 years. You take directions from management who don’t like the way you deal with staff and the staff who don’t like the way you deal with management – it’s a no win situation. Full time night shift and on call during day shift, it was very hard to switch off and I ran on half the sleep that I have now. At the end I was desperately unhappy and felt smothered and micromanaged. Yet I procrastinated for at least 2 years about doing anything about it – there was the salary that I would be going without, the holidays I could no longer pay for, the friends at work I would miss. All reasons I played in a loop in my head whenever asked why was I putting up with being treated like that. There came a point when the upset days became more often than the good days and when the opportunity for a voluntary redundancy came up I took it. Even that I took 4 days to ponder about it and would still be thinking about it now if Mr IBB hadn’t pushed the point.

Making that decision to stop delaying my happiness was the best I’ve ever made. Looking back I was an utter cow most of the time at home due to tiredness. My family took a back seat to my all consuming job, my husband brought the kids up and was sole carer for them the 3 months I lived in India. However since then, SO many things have happened, so many new experiences. In the nearly 2 years since I left my crap job this is a small list of what I’ve done:

  • Chef school – full time for 5 months including 2 restaurant rotations
  • Playgroup SA
  • Barista in the Sun – a whole new world of small business for me. Through that I’ve been involved in primary schools, BMX clubs, netball clubs, football clubs, nursing homes and met so many fabulous people and hopefully will meet many more
  • Boss of your wardrobe course – welcomed by 300 women with a common goal in a group run by Nat Tucker of Make It Look  Easy fame. Again I’ve met great friends through that which in turn has led to adventures in writing, photography and art
  • Barossa retreat – weekend of wineries and networking which I could never have done in cheque processing days
  • This blog and becoming part of the whole blogging community


I’m OK procrastinating doing housework (who likes doing that anyway?). In life decisions I’m trying hard to act on impulse and feeling instead of allowing that voice inside my head (his name is Gary) to hold me back and dither about making that movement to go forward. Onwards and upwards is my new motto. Now if I could just get the backyard finished so that I could have guests over….

PS I’ve been busy on the food front – here’s some pics

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