So last week I began a challenge with myself so that I could justify the copious amount of cookbooks taking up real estate in my home. The #chomporchuck challenge is about making 2 or 3 recipes from each cookbook and if they don’t work or I don’t like them, they get chucked. My commencing date was April 1 but I got a bit prematurely excited (not the only one in our house…just saying :P) and began on the Adelaide Cup weekend. And it gives me a bit of a buffer being ahead.

The 3 cookbooks I chose were these:

I began with Women’s Weekly Diabetes cookbook. Number 1 was Lamb in red wine & rosemary.


This was excellent. I did change the method slightly as it was supposed to be baked in the oven but I needed the oven for cakes so I just cooked it very low on the cooktop. My tip for this recipe is to season with salt and pepper before browning the meat in 2 batches and let the meat get a nice crust on it before turning over. If you feel the need to stir, stop and give yourself a slap because colour = flavour and besides it’s not burnt – it’s just caramelised 🙂 Stirring leads to stewing which will make your meat tough.

Number 2 from Diabetes: Pear and walnut cakes. I made a substitution with hazelnuts swapped out for toasted walnuts because a) I didn’t have any hazelnuts and b) I just don’t like them. The cakes themselves were very moist and adding the pear syrup just made them soggy and I began gagging.  If there was a next time, I would serve without the syrup. The syrup needed some sugar which defeats the whole diabetes cookbook thing surprisingly.



Number 3 from Diabetes: Yes I was on fire this day – yep, 3 in one day! Mexican Sweet Potatoes. Again a substitution with turkey mince given the arse and chicken mince was the hero (wanky Masterchef term :P). This was amazing even if I do say so myself, loved the flavours and I added black beans and used the whole can of kidney beans. When I make this again I would sprinkle some sliced red chilli on top and if you were ignoring the health side of the Diabetes thing, some grated cheese would be fab too.


Overall, for Women’s Weekly Diabetes cookbook I scored it 4 chef hats out of 5 (only the pear syrup being barforama lets it down). You get to keep your place on the shelf my friend.


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