Heartache to heartache we stand, no promises no demands. Well perhaps not in my house! To some people they just see a normal refrigerator, a place to store food in a hygienic manner. What I see is a source of delight – building blocks of a gourmet meal. Opportunities for culinary delights on each shelf. Every time I open the fridge it sparks a creative idea in my mind. Oops did my inside thoughts get said out loud then? 😛

This unassuming electrical appliance has also been the centre of great battles. Our 21 year old daughter leads a transient life and is in and out of the house at all hours. She sees the fridge as a cheap meal, a chance to save some pennies on her casual wages. And here my issues begin: never knowing how many customers are going to be sitting at the table for dinner any day. Dinner will be at 6pm and at 5pm JEB will make herself a full meal because she has some urgent friends to see and won’t wait that extra hour. From there dinner will be made for 4 and one meal leftover which often gets wasted.

Arguments have been had many a time over food wastage and how fresh food at the front of the fridge had been consumed before the food that has been there for a couple of days. I feel like I’m daily at the supermarket stocking up the fridge.



But an epiphany occurred!  A drawer of food that is to be eaten first, where you have to make something from the drawer before you can move onto anything fresh. Problem solvered! There was also the case of the missing gourmet cheese and dips which has been solved by the special special occasion drawer. No more going to a BBQ or meal at a friend’s house and the camembert bought for the occasion has been eaten in a toastie. Angst avoided or so I hope. We are still in the honeymoon period of this storage solution so will let you know how we get on. It may seem a First World problem but it was getting ridiculous the power struggle over the fridge.

Challenge update:

#chomporchuck challenge is still ongoing – at the pace I’m going it will take a year! The book currently being trialled in the test kitchen is Asia Express – Marion Grasby.

Sticky Pork Noodle Salad Recipe IRL

Recipe in book


I doubled the pork belly and the sauce on this one because otherwise it was not going to stretch to 4 servings.  Finding it hard to pick recipes from this book as the protein servings are on the small side and I prefer recipes which have more vegetables in them.

Vietnamese Pork & Egg Rice

Book recipe

Reno update: 

We are still in the hands of TTG council. Plans have been passed for one department and they have been moved onto the next department. Don’t ask me anything about the building phase/process as my eyes will just glaze over 🙂


Let me know if you have any kitchen hacks that make your lives run smoother.


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