Last week a request was received from one of my followers Joanne Speirs to make some different meals with mince. Mince is a family favourite of most families. I know it’s easy to get stuck on the spag bol and “what do you call these love? Rissoles” roundabout so the thought was there to give some different recipes and even some mince variations.

First up was a complete recipe invention. Presenting the “Greek Lamb Mince Pizza”. Aldi don’t stock lamb mince so I made my own using the handy dandy food processor. Just this year I’ve found the confidence with cooking to think of variations and substitutions for ingredients rather than chuck the recipe because the pantry wasn’t stocked with the correct items. The lamb was blitzed up using the Pulse function until it looked like it was mince consistency.

Lamb before shot

Pizza topping also contained cooked eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, garlic and onion which was fried off with some thyme and dried oregano before adding the mince. The pizza base was pre cooked a bit so that when the topping was put on, it didn’t need much time in the oven as everything was already cooked. It was then topped off with some feta cheese and some olives. Tasted sort of like a yiros and a ratatouille mixed together with a crunchy bottom.


Next up in the protein variations was chicken mince – Chicken Parmi Balls. Chicken mince with classic Italian flavours of tomatoes and basil baked in the oven with parmesan cheese. These would be great served at a cocktail party with a teeny tiny fork or on a toothpick. The flavours could also be varied to Thai by using coriander, spring onion, ginger and sweet chilli sauce or Indian with garam masala, ground coriander and a tomato curry sauce on the top. Variations could only be limited by imagination with this base.



Onto using the classic and very commonly found beef mince. Full credit has to go to my main man Jamie for inspiration on this one: Mince Wellington from the Ministry of Food cookbook which hands down would be my favourite cookbook. I substituted a lot of veg that was in the fridge from what his recipe has. Pretty easy to make too with the hardest part the waiting for the meat mixture to cool before wrapping it in pastry. If you would like to make this one, please do not skip this step – hot meat will make your pastry hard to work with and you will end up with holes in it. This recipe would feed 6 easily and you can also make it into 2 logs and freeze 1 uncooked for later. Next time I would have oven at hotter temp to start then drop back as I would have liked more puff with the pastry.

Mince Wellington

Lastly, cooked up lamb mince again – this time it was prepackaged from Woolies. Chickpeas rate highly in my repertoire and overdosed with them in this dish. I used up some hommous that was on its last legs which wouldn’t be included next time. Nice to have salad as we hadn’t had it for a couple of weeks with the season change.

Lamb patties with hommous and chickpea salad

So there you go Mrs Speirs – asked and answered.

This week is the last week before I go back to working nights. The focus this week is: Guilty Pleasures! Tell me what you eat when no-one is looking and judging and I’ll try to include them in a recipe. I’m thinking of mine – 2 minute noodles and Turkish Delights 🙂 Hope to hear from you with yours!

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