People pleaser – yep that’s a label I wear. I want people to like me. There I’ve said it in writing and on the line, it’s out there for the whole world to read. This character trait which I’m sure is a really common one has crept into my business life. I’ve taken on jobs which are too small because I’ve liked the people and I wanted to please them. The consequences of those small jobs has been the lack of a day off work. The hours are not hard or especially long but I’m in the middle of a stretch of working every day at least part of the day for 21 days straight.

Two steps forwards, one step back – that’s what it feels like. Feels like I’m back in 2014 where work was all-consuming making Michelle not a very happy camper. Narkiness is creeping in and the body is under duress, husband is nagging at me about having time off. My overwhelming feeling is one of disappointment, at how come I let this happen. Jealousy that people are having fun where I am working every day – I spent 9 years in that situation and I hated it then. Annoyance that it only took a week of being back working a couple of nights to fall back into crap meals that lack imagination because of poor planning. Regret that I’ve bitten my husband’s head off on a few occasions because of my setting standards that are impossible to maintain.

Plans for this week include being more prepared, taking a breath and stepping back to look at business on the whole so that I can improve it and to stop wasting my time aimlessly wandering lost around the shops. Cooking is the thing that makes me happiest, I need to factor it in more. I know what I need to do.

There’s only one food photo to share this week but I think it’s a great one. A simple idea that could be used in 50 different ways and I’m really pleased at how it turned out. I do however, have this one photo that made me smile a little bit.



Quiche boats: quiche made in Stand N Stuff tortilla boats



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