A blog post this week which doesn’t have a theme as such – an update on our renovation, my ideas for decoration, some images of the last few cooks I’ve done. In other words a melange, a mixed bag or random miscellany.

Council approval for the roofing has been given the go ahead which had been the hold up for a lot of things. To Ian’s surprise the council has just gone yep, go for it without any modifications to his plans. The builders license and experience were in play there. So it’s onwards and upwards from here – don’t ask me any hardwarey/technical buildery questions because my eyes glaze over whenever he tries to explain something. Decoration is my focus for this renovation, I have had a vision or a “feel” for what I would like this area to be right from the start. For those readers who may know Cafe Komodo in Prospect much like that but with a lot better lighting and not the vego menu focus.

It’s got to be a really comfortable space with vintage sofas, chairs and tables. There has to be books, old suitcases, retro cutlery and crockery. I want to be able to relax with a book and maybe play some records (The Nolans “Making Waves” will be on heavy rotation). Sharing this with great food and my mates would be just awesome. We saw Poh on her TV show “Poh and Co” make a glasshouse out of recycled windows so I’d like to use that somehow. We also have an idea for using old doors or even barn doors to make a feature wall.

This is where we are currently at:

New fence – old one was crappy old khaki wood

Wood panels replaced to make it look the same as the fence

A new knob in the backyard











I’ve done a bit of cooking lately with about an 80% success rate. I’ll start with the duds to start with.


Low sodium crumbed chicken – from the Heart Foundation website for Annette Hill. The chicken was quite tasty when hot but when cold, it turned into the most horrendous chicken I’ve ever eaten!! I really tried to like low so Annette but I just can’t do it 🙁



Indian Shepherds Pie: I should have known that India is not renowned for its lamb and shepherds. Eggplant was chewy, the “tarka” on the top was a bit blah and the only redeemable quality was the mash

Balinese curry paste

Balinese Beef Curry: I was so excited to eat this because the beef looked great and the curry paste was amazing but in the end it was really sweet and lost all the lemongrass and ginger flavours

Now on to the better dishes 🙂

Blueberry and lemon cake. This cake could have fed 56 people

Turkish Delight cookies

Tuna and corn muffins

Date and peanut loaf – for Jo Speirs who likes to put a tsp of peanut paste into her Medjool dates


Cheese and Quince tarts


Mushroom, Leek and White Bean soup


Hopefully next week will bring a new roof for the BBQ area. Cooking wise – I have some books from the library that include Gluten Free, student meals and soup. Another jumble of food ideas I’m guessing. After my blog post of a couple of weeks ago where I lamented at how I was working every day, an effort was made to say no to some customers.I now have Fridays off (well, until October anyway :)) Last week the day was spent car shopping. This week I’m thinking a trip to Central Market is long overdue. Who wants to meet me there for a coffee?





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