Is anyone else as confused by food as me? I don’t mean that a creme brûlée keeps me awake at night or that prawn dumplings tie my stomach up in knots – I mean all the so called “rules” about what we should or shouldn’t be eating make me confused. I’ve recently started a new healthy eating regime and a lot of what I’m reading online or in Facebook groups I’m a member of is just confusing the shit out of me. Should we be eating bread, cow’s milk and eggs? Should we be trying to eat more soy products and plant based meals? Heard the saying “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” so even the time we eat is a factor?

This is what I believe: moderation is the key. One of my favourite plans that I’ve seen is the traffic light system – green is “go for it”, amber is “sometimes” food and red is “uh uh don’t do it sister girlfriend”. Easy to understand for both children and adults. This week I’ve given myself a mental slap to stop eating only red light food like chips (love their salty crispyness), microwave sausage rolls (surprisingly tasty) and overdosing on full fat cheese. A new leaf has been turned over and I’ve tried some things that I might not have looked at before. Kombucha drinks have surprised me with a tangy flavour that lingers on your tongue, wholegrain noodles are such a great texture, frozen baby corn is even more disgusting than the fresh stuff and the no added salt or sugar peanut paste is blando!

You would have noticed that I’m not one to eat the same meal over and over again – there is no “it’s Monday it must be Spaghetti Bolognaise Day” in my house. Losing weight would be awesome, I’ve done Weight Watchers before and had great success with it. However it became an obsession and I went quite mental with it. Stressful and all consuming, I swore I would need my head read if I did it again and it did cross my mind this week. Instead I decided to just eat better and be more mindful of what I was putting in my mouth (mindful – such a buzz word ATM). I give myself permission to break the rules occasionally – half a Turkish Delight is better than a whole one right? Life is too short to eat crap food every day, too short to feel guilty that I’m drinking cow’s milk and too short not to eat melted cheese on a hamburger once in a while to satisfy a craving.

Education about healthy food to eat and to buy seasonally so get maximum nutrients for your grocery shopping dollar is key. Judgement over what someone else is eating is not.

I leave you with some of my healthy food options this week. Please note I didn’t feel the need to include the half Turkish Delight photo 🙂

Pears with caramelised nuts and raspberry coulis

Miso glazed salmon

Beef stirfry with whole grain noodles

Asian dumpling soupy noodles

Salmon with fennel and zucchini


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