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Bali Hai

If you are a regular follower of my Facebook page you would have seen that my husband and I recently spent 12 days in Bali. This was the 4th time we have been to Bali with our 1st visit being in 2005 when the whole family went and stayed in South Kuta. Lots of people say “Eww no way would I go to Bali” and I can understand that opinion based on what the media feed us – scooter accidents, drug smuggling in boogie board bags and corruption. A firm believer of not believing everything I see on TV or read in the newspaper, the people of Bali are what make the country the amazing place that it is. On the whole they are friendly and helpful – of course you get the dodgy market stall sellers and the sleazy dudes selling Ian Viagra (always met with a resounding “what do you mean I need Viagra?”

This visit after spending time in Legian with friends, we stayed in an up and coming area Canggu. Bizarre to be staying in a flash new hotel but next door there are traditional rice paddies and gardens. Lovely up market shops and restaurants and you can just see this area on the rise. Give it 2 years and this place will have a real buzz to it. More of a surf beach in Canggu and a variety of tourists from all over the world, not just Australians.

My Instagram account has a plethora of food photos taken on the journey. Indonesian and Balinese foods are heavy on the lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chilli (of course :P). The most popular dishes are Nasi Goreng, Beef Rendang and Satay. Satays were often presented over coals on tiny little BBQ’s. How cute is that! We tend to eat in the bigger restaurants that are busy and I’m careful about eating washed salad. Each time we have been there we can see the improvement in kitchen hygiene and cleanliness in general. It might seem a bit weird but I love to visit supermarkets in foreign countries to see all the different varieties of food available especially the fruit and vegetables. I still remember eating cuttlefish flavoured Twisties on our honeymoon in Singapore in 1994.

Be prepared for an onslaught of Asian recipe photos in the near future – Indian is included in that category because India is classified as being part of Asia. The flavours of Thailand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam inspire me immensely – not so much Chinese and Japanese for some reason. Maybe it’s the times we have been to a Chinese restaurant to wind up hungry again a couple of hours later? Asian recipes can sometimes be formidable as they have a long list of ingredients but one of the parts of cookery I really enjoy is the chopping of vegetables and herbs and lining up the bowls getting the ingredients ready to go.

Hopefully by seeing my photos of Bali you might consider visiting a great country only a short flight away where it is WARM!! I’m sure that my body was made for a hotter climate 🙂 There’s been a seed planted suggesting an extended stay in Bali which needs investigating further….

Is there a destination that you return to over and over because you love it?




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