I was going to write an informative post about kitchen hacks and how to fix any cooking disasters. What did we do pre interweb – I couldn’t have typed in “what to do when your muffins are a disaster?” I made some gorgeous blueberry muffins and overfilled the greased only tin. We’ve seen the baking paper muffin cases in the shops but I think they are ugly and whilst they do a great job, visually they are not appealing at all. Anyhoo, the story continues with the muffins sticking like glue in the tin with the only way of getting them out to break them into pieces. If the dish had been savoury my saving grace would have been gravy – but what’s the sweet version? Custard to the rescue!! With the added bonus I could use my new teeny tiny cast iron dish.

During my Google search on kitchen hacks I had the thought – wouldn’t it be awesome if you could fix or gloss over life problems, illnesses and calamities the way you can a culinary dish. Oh you have cancer – well we’ll just take that tumour out and fill the gap with some strawberry jam. Your husband left you – we can just cut the burnt bits off and cover the hurt with some thick buttercream icing. Your house needs extensive renovation and is crumbling down, I’ll just mix that up with some butter and oats and stick it on a tin of pie apple and call it apple crumble. A leg is broken, we’ll just attach a new one – again with icing. If only…..

Here are some of the handy dandy helpful kitchen hacks I did find on the line:

Dry cake: Make a sugar syrup & flavour with vanilla or lemon or orange zest or liqueur, put holes in the cake and call it a poke cake.

Overcooked rice: Add milk and vanilla and hey presto, rice pudding.

Sunken cake: Use glass to cut out middle, fill with berries/ whipped cream/ chocolates or maybe like me, all 3.

Forgot to grease the tin: Fill a larger pan with hot water and set your tin inside for 5 mins then the cakes or muffins should release.

Another good hack is to find a substitute with a search: I typed in today “substitute for umami paste” (Jamie had let me down with an exotic ingredient) and got Worchestershire sauce as a good sub.

As usual some food photo spam – feel free to share some of your own latest culinary creations. See you on the other side of the oven 🙂


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