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Home alone – could it have really been 20 years?

This weekend I was home alone. How is this exciting I hear you ponder? Well, it was the first time in over 20 years!! There’s always someone coming or going in our house of 4 and the dog, Roger. The different combinations and permutations mean that it hasn’t happened for me in such a long time. Ian & Darcy were off to Ian’s Aust/NZ short story award ceremony in Albury, Jemma is house sitting and it left me on my own.

It was daunting at first with what was I going to do to fill my time? This is coming from someone who used to have the TV on all at waking moments for the noise. Shop visits daily to watch people and feel included in a social setting. But you know what? I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the quiet and the time it gave me for thinking. OMG am I getting old? Well yes, there is that also 😛

Right now as I write this I’m waiting for the second prove of a white plait loaf. Listing off my weekend activities there was:

: Reading of 2 fiction novels – cried without feeling self-conscious in both of them

: Netflix watching – the doco on Amy Winehouse was great. May have watched – for a friend – the new reboot of Dynasty. Jim from Neighbours is the butler and the  guy who played Jake in Melrose Place is Blake Carrington

: Eating – microwave sausage roll and quiche (2 different occasions) and consumption of random odd little bits of stuff left in       the fridge

: Library visit – always means a good couple of hours of cookbook perusal

: Work – did a catering job where me, Jemma & 2 of her friends plated and served cocktail party food

: Menu planning – last week’s effort was most pleasing so I’m back for Round 2

: Cooking – the white plait bread loaf. For when you realise that your special bread loaf tin actually contains a shitload of ice-cream from earlier in the week

: Online shopping – yes, I do have 3 more books (cannot confirm nor deny that they are cookbooks) on the way this week. My excuse is that the special price was just too good to pass up

: Zoom call with a friend – online video call with someone I look up to a lot and hopefully can emulate her success. She gave me lots to think about in regard to personal directions to head

: Rundle Mall meandering – went to see the Vogue Fashion Event in the mall. Saw a couple of bloggers I casually follow. As always tried on lots & didn’t buy much. Feeling a bit like some weight just has to be shifted.


Listing all that off I sound like a had a great time – and I have!!


As always, I’ll leave you with some of the latest cooking photos. And a bonus picture of Roger, my faithful cavoodle companion 🙂






  • Ian Boyd

    October 15, 2017 at 21:12 Reply

    Good stuff I say, except for reboot of Dynasty. If that starts becoming regular I will attack a few more endless open roads for an hour or two.

    • Michelle Boyd

      October 16, 2017 at 08:38 Reply

      Dynasty was actually pretty good – bitch slaps in the first episode, got to be happy with that drama!

  • Katrina Bimm

    October 16, 2017 at 08:01 Reply

    I know you’ll post but just letting you know I’m keen to hear how Ian went in his writing comp…

    • Michelle Boyd

      October 16, 2017 at 08:42 Reply

      He didn’t win but he was excited that his story & bio were second in the booklet that accompanied the award (until I told him it was in alphabetical order :p). I can email you the story if you would like. I like the story he’s entered in the Manchester comp better but I can’t share that one until judging is finished.

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