Welcome back to my 2 part catch up posts. As mentioned in Part 1, I was very disheartened with all things blog so I let it go into hiatus for a while. I felt like my posts were just sliding along into oblivion. Now my view on it all is I’m just doing it because I like to do it not because it’s going to make me popular or get a bazillion followers. So all the people who send me emails offering to boost the SEO on posts – you’re out of luck with me.

I think I’m up to February? The dawning of the age of the Thermomix. I had held a Thermomix demo (known as a Cooking Experience) before Christmas and loved the product…a lot! My interest was first piqued when I needed to mill nuts to make cashew cheese. My host, Maria mentioned that with my food background that I could be an asset to their team and Ian overrode my underwhelming enthusiasm for selling and said “Yes Michelle would love it”. So I became a member of the TMX Rockets team and he’s right – I do love it. Still not the selling as much but the product, the team, the cooking classes, the whole lot. After being part of a largish team for a very long time, then only being with myself and lately Ian, it’s been just fab to have friends at work again 🙂

Cooking has for a very long time been my greatest interest. In February, March and still continuing I began recipe testing for a digital Thermocooking magazine 4 Blades https://mag.the4blades.com/. I thought I’d just send them a few shots to see if they like them and they have published one already with one more still coming. Now that was a thrill – to see your photo “published” and a great honour.

April and May I have been working on a project for a very dear friend of mine involving cooking the traditional way and recipes and photographs. Hopefully I’ll be able to share the details soon. I also participated in a Photography Retreat https://www.photographyretreatssa.com/ which has expanded my photography skills and given me another group to hang out in.

I have created simple goals “Cook – Take Photos” and I’m looking for clarity on how to make those goals become a financial reality alongside the Thermomix business. Please feel free to share any suggestions to help make that happen 😛 In the meantime I’ll just be posting on FB, maybe some blog posts along the way but definitely plodding along baking and cooking – I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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