Friday last week I went to hear the author of “A Zero Waste Life in Thirty Days” Anita Van Dyke speak about her book and how she is aiming to minimise the impact her footsteps make on the world. Much of Anita’s speech revolved around plastic and how to reduce our reliance and consumption of it. I attended with 2 other members of my Thermomix team and after at dinner we had a robust conversation about how we could do our small parts in reducing waste.

Part of our dinner conversation was about Food Waste. As a country, Australia tosses 3.1 BILLION tonnes of food into the bin every year How ridiculous is that!! And I am guilty for sure! Bananas that look brown and manky, food sitting in the freezer just in case, cooking too much for my diners, multiple 1/2 full packets of pasta, storing canned goods for Armageddon – yep, that’s all on me.

My challenge for July will be this:

Part 1: conduct pantry and freezer audits and cook to what I’ve already bought. My normal behaviour is to try to do that but then end up buying 10 more ingredients to go with that one thing I want to use up but NO MORE!! From next school term Ian and I are not running the coffee van Thursdays and Fridays unless for events so I’m planning many more Central Market visits with my new market basket to stock up on fruit, veg and Asian supermarket items with minimal plastic if I can. I also plan to give away leftover desserts/cakes/biscuits to any volunteers of the reduce food waste brigade. Tonight I started with my ingredients to use up and you’ll find at the bottom what the dinner results were.


Chicken Stock paste

Part 2: consciously think about my plastic usage. I bought sushi from the Plaza today and not only did they come packaged in plastic but wrapped with a plastic band. I’m hoping that next time I will be able to use my own container. I’m also a big consumer of serviettes so I’ll need to cut up some of my old, not very absorbent (read not absorbent at all) tea towels into napkins and bring them home for washing.

I’ll be updating how I get on in my challenge on the line on the Facebook page as well as here on the blog. I’m very much hoping that some of you will join me in the Reduce Food Waste & Plastic Challenge. Tell me your steps to improve the strain on the world’s resources!


Pear, apple and dried blueberry cardamom crumble

Spinach and lemon soup

Gluten free, grain free bread rolls

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