I’ve thought A LOT about this blog, my Facebook page, which direction to head to next and what I want to realise. Many a moment of panic and indecision with a side serve of “will this really work?” I’ve known what I didn’t want quite clearly but the want was a little harder to come by.

It is no secret that I’m not passionate about my business, the coffee van. I hate winter and the associated cold & wet.  But more I hate that nowadays everyone has their hand out for a cut of the action. My council permit fees have risen 600% from $360 a year to $2000 a year!! And I get nothing in return for that only a fine if I don’t comply. Site fees have risen from $150 to $200 in a year which means that we have to make 50 coffees – that’s an hour or two’s work to pay just for being there.

So where to from here? When Ian suggested that I become a Thermomix consultant I was a bit hesitant. Yes I can cook – I went to TAFE for heaven’s sake to be a chef but could I sell? Let me tell you that 6 months in I absolutely love being part of the TM team. The ladies that are in my Rockets team are a new group of friends who are supportive, helpful and of course, it’s always ALL about the food. Robyn the Team Leader is a wealth of knowledge and such a fun woman to hang around. I was worried about becoming too TM focussed on this blog and the FB page but a good friend assured me that focus is good, it makes it clear what you’re about.

Teamwork has always been important to me, I love being with other people with a goal or purpose or activity in common. I volunteered to be a recipe tester for 4 Blades magazine which has led to my very first consistent commercial food photography job. How awesome is that! It’s an amazing feeling to be paid for doing something that you absolutely love. 4 Blades is a family centred Thermo machine (not just Thermomix) online subscription based magazine with fabulous content issued monthly.

Another thing that has always been important to me is food waste. I’ve regularly chastised myself when I’ve put bag after bag of fresh fruit & veg in the bin because I’ve been slack and not thought about what I’m going to do with it. Buying something just because it’s cheap or buying way too much of what the 4 of us here can eat thinking about the bargain I’ve got which is false because I then chuck it out when it goes manky. I’m going to investigate more how to reduce that food waste and hopefully you can get on board the train with me.

What does the future hold? It’s taken an awfully long time but I can say with confidence that I’m really happy with what I’m heading for and hopeful that I can achieve my plans. I’m now working not just on building my Thermomix business but expanding the photography side into other commercial jobs (if you know of someone looking for a beginner food photographer, you know who to message!). I also have ambitions of hosting stressless events at home with people who love food and interesting conversation. But my main goal is to go to someone’s house where they may not be a confident cook and share with them the hints & tips that I picked up at TAFE and get them to enjoy cooking after having a class with me.

So there’s the goss about me and my life. A little update which doesn’t cover everything – I’ll save the age & health discussion for another time. It’s awesome to be in a place where I’m confident and content with what I’m doing and how to achieve it. I just wish that I had got here sooner…..


See you on the line soon 🙂






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