6 weeks said the doctor! And that is how my life was changed temporarily. Now I’m not a great one for going to the doctor especially the dreaded lady bits checkups. But with a “0” birthday looming I thought I’d better pop along & get stuff looked at. I was 18 months overdue. After blood tests at the GP doctor I then had an appointment with the gynaecologist who I’ve seen for 20 years. What I didn’t expect at that appointment was to be told you need urgent surgery, you’ll have it in 2 weeks time and you need to be off work and not do anything for 6 weeks. WTF – I had plans, jobs, stuff to do!! I’d just been to a business conference and was all inspired to get new ideas underway. Timing is everything right?

So it was all arranged with coffee van events being covered, Thermomix business put on hold and life being organised. I completely trusted my doctor and had faith that she would sort out the nasty fibroids and rundown bladder and remove what didn’t need to be there anymore. The surgery went well, hospital staff were awesome and even the food was pretty good – the exception being the egg salad which was savoury on the left, sweet on the right. Weird.

I did the Myers Briggs personality test a few weeks before the hospital visit –  here is an excerpt from Wikipedia “The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is an introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. The MBTI was constructed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers.” There is a free version online or a more in-depth paid version. Lots of you may have heard of it and even answered the questions to get your type. For me, I am a “ESFJ” Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging – which may come as a surprise to some of my friends as the E stands for Extrovert. Let me explain: I may not talk a lot or be that really chatty person at a party or gathering but I enjoy the energy created by being in a group of people. I’m energised by interacting with others. I’m comfortable when the mission is clear and focussed, when people are upbeat and friendly, a classic people pleaser who likes to achieve goals. 6 weeks doing nothing was always going to be hard.

And it certainly was! All goals went out the window. I didn’t feel like reading because I was fatigued, didn’t feel like Netflix for the same reason. And in a case of what came first, the chicken or the egg, was it the boredom & monotony or the depression and anxiety? Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciated the few friends & family that came and visited, sent flowers & OMG I received the most massive fruit box ever and my husband was fantastic in his dedication – they were definitely the highlights in this time. I even had a friend come and cook meals for a week for the 4 of us – HUGE! But there was lots of time for reflection – boy, was there lots of time. I gave up wearing my watch because I had nowhere to be at any time. I couldn’t control the food & cooking in the kitchen which was a big killer for me. I went down the Dr Google rabbit hole and talked myself into more surgery because I convinced myself that there was more going on than actually was. I was upset that I couldn’t do anything to grow this blog and website like I had made plans to do and that I was wasting money on the marketing/business course which I was so out of my depth in. The despair was real.

But in the end, as I felt physically better and could do more, the fog lifted and I could see that it would end. I could go to the shops and walk around again, I could make plans and work on goals. Life ebbs and flows and I need to take a breath and ride the lows as best I can. Patience is not overly one of my virtues!  Today’s last visit to my doctor for her check up which she is very pleased with her handiwork, marks the end of my medically enforced long service leave – however I may let the “Can you do this for me?” linger as long as possible without raising suspicion 😛

So the point of this meandering tale is to look at the situation now that it is mostly over and take something from it. I believe that you learn something from challenging situations and this is what I know right now:

a) Don’t ever be in a position to be left stranded alone on a deserted island. That would be horrid!

b) Take the time to get your health sorted because there could be some things (like me) going on that you just don’t know about. It might be uncomfortable for a brief time but it’s worth it.

c) Be nice to people because they just might be the nurses that are draining your catheter in the hospital or removing packing from orifices. These people need to be paid more.

d) Colouring in fineline markers only come in bright colours which after 2 weeks of using the same colours is annoying.

So the good news from here: I’ve quit the course that I felt overwhelmed in – loved the people I met through it but from now on I’ll just do me. I’m back to work building my Thermomix business with the lead up to Christmas hoping to be busy. I’ll be doing some further training with Thermomix with the view to becoming a Team Leader and next week trialling another business opportunity to become involved in as a contractor and as always, more cooking and more photos to come. I hope to see you on the line with me 🙂

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