Wow it’s been a few months since my last blog post so I thought it was high time to get caught up.

As part of the Thermomix Team Leader training I’ve been set a challenge that is based on personal sales targets, team sales targets and new team members alongside a checklist of some other things. This month has not been kind through a lot of things that I’ve not been able to control and this post is kind of like a written brain dump!

I had a phone conversation wth an upline manager who said to me these words that I’ve thought about a lot since. “It’s not a pass or fail situation. Be your best, I’ll help you out and it’s not a failure if you can’t meet the goals” And it got me to thinking that I’ve looked at most of my life as a pass/fail situation. Got married – 1st time fail, 2nd time pass, Children – pass, Big house – pass, Well paid job – pass, Click funnel creation – fail, Guitar playing – fail. STOP IT!

Written at the top of my diary pages: Just do you and be the best you that there is.

It’s time to start thinking differently – and that’s OK.

I’d also been thinking about why I got started in the first place. I’ve always wanted to be part of a food community because I just love food. Talking about it, reading about it, watching TV shows about it but most of all eating it. I’ve had a life long interest in food & cooking and I’m not going to change or apologise for that. Maybe you’re not a fan of what I’m about, I’m getting better at being good with that. There has been a lot comments that have come my way “It’s all right for you, you know how to cook”. I’m not going to shy away from that anymore – I worked hard at TAFE to learn how, I am good at it, I love the challenge of using the ingredients I have in the fridge without wastage and I LOVE to save money. But you know what? I get the hugest kick out of showing people what I know and helping them to overcome their kitchen problems.

It’s time to start acting differently – and that’s OK.

I promised you updates and here they are:

Video content: Ian has been studying up lighting and editing so that we can create better video content other than the usual FB lives. Much as I cringe every time I hear my own voice (my face – well, it is what it is :P) life is busy and video is great to show people quick, easy content. If you have a suggestion of what you’d like to see, we are all ears!

Workshop: Kim Crocker & I held a small, intimate Vegan/Gluten free Dessert workshop at my house this month that was very successful. That particular one will be run again as well as a bread & cracker workshop. My next personal one will be Pastes & Powders based on flavour pastes and spice mixes.

In person: I have an Afternoon Tea planned for a closed FB group I admin this weekend along with a dinner for Baby Wants Candy/Thrones the Musical Parody cast & crew next week. I’ve written before about how events have stressed me out in the past due to self expectations but I’m determined to get over that and to quote Nike “Just Do It”

It’s time to start doing differently – and that’s OK.

Feel free to comment – I do love a chat. If you’ve got any suggestions, I’d love your feedback. See you as usual, on the line….Michelle

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