Blog posts for me have become a way of releasing thoughts that have been weighing heavily on my mind. Not just a matter of “ooh I need to do x number of blog posts per week or I’ll lose followers” or a case of writing for the sake of it.

This post is not intended to invoke sympathy for myself or my family. Simply a reminder to live life to the fullest as if every day is your last.

My brother died on the 29th of June. If that comes across as blunt or a shock – well that was how he passed away. A sudden heart attack after running training, at 56 he was fit & healthy in ways that could be seen and had been tested. Unfortunately, his heart was not in great shape and it just stopped beating.

My brothers and sisters have spent the last 4 days commemorating Nigel’s life. It came as a surprise to us how much he had accomplished professionally & personally. We had not seen much of Nigel lately and it was a weird feeling to be at his home getting together and supporting his wife. I’ll always ask myself “Why did it take his death to do this?”

What I really wanted to convey in this post is:

a) Don’t wait until later – whether it be retirement, when the kids are older, when I have more money, when I have more time. The time is now. Be bold and create the life for yourself that you want it to be.

b) Look at your family as people rather than brothers, sisters, mother, father. It’s so easy to fall into the comfortable what has always been instead of what it is now.

And so we move on. See you on the line soon, Michelle

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