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about me

Get To Know Me & My Blog

Welcome to the Wednesday Night Supper Club

My name is Michelle & I live in Adelaide, South Australia with the standard 2.5 children (I have a step daughter) and a husband. My career background was in cheques but since they went the way of Beta VCR’s and Nintendo Gameboys, I had to move on. “You can’t stop progress” as Bill Heslop in Porpoise Spit would say.

“Follow your passion” was all I kept hearing which led to a Commercial Cookery Course then segued into running my own business Barista in the Sun coffee van. I missed the food though and always wanted my own vintage chic cubby house/cafe. When the plan was mooted for our pool to be removed – AHA there could be my spot!

My goal for Wednesday Night Supper Club is to provide fresh, easy food for my guests with the emphasis on “homestyle”. Along the way I’ll be sharing favourite ingredients and recipes and maybe some bloody awful food items as well. It’s going to be spectacular, spectacular 🙂