Hello there!


Welcome to Wednesday Night Supper Club which is all about the food. My name is Michelle & I am the President, Secretary & Treasurer of this club 🙂 I have my fingers in a few pies: I am a Food Photographer/Recipe Tester, a food blogger and a Thermomix consultant – all of this happens in my house in Adelaide.

Food has always been a huge focus for me and I am a TAFE trained cook. I became concerned about food wastage in our homes.  Did you know that 1 in 5 shopping bags ends up in landfill? Just ridiculous & I’d like for you to join me in reducing food waste and saving money along the way. Lets use up that food that’s marked REDUCED TO CLEAR and lessen our footprints on the world. My goal is to make use of the food I have in what I call my Armageddon Store (also known as my pantry), bend my knees to get those bags of close to use by date fruit and veg and create amazing dishes with the dregs of ingredient society.

Coming soon will be Wednesday Night Supper Club events – more details will be revealed shortly.